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Animal Laws Every Country Should Adopt Right Away

Each year the awareness is rising about the protection of animals and more and more band are now refusing the use of natural fur as well as animal skin to make their products. There are people all year fighting across the globe at the legislative levels to give these poor animals the rights and the privileges that they deserve. While there many corrective measures that have been placed in the protection of animal rights, there still remain any problems that need fixing in that regard.

Today we have compiled a list of the animal laws that every country should adopt right away. The animal laws we are stating below are already in full effect in their respective countries and are a great step in the right direction.

Thailand has nursing homes for elephants

Animal Laws Every Country Should Adopt Right Away


The Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, back in 2016 was created as a nursing home for the old elephants which is located in the Thai city of Phuket. In this sanctuary, elephants are fed fruits; they are being taken care of and are also allowed for walking freely and to splash water in the pools.

Holland has banned breeding for Pugs

Animal Laws Every Country Should Adopt Right Away


This new law was passed by the Dutch government following the fact that the muzzle length for this dog is about 1/3 of its skull’s entire length. This feature leads to the breed suffering problems like shortness of breaths as well as other respiratory problems.

In addition to Pugs, Holland has also banned the breeding of the following brachycephalic breeds.

  • Bulldogs
  • French Bulldogs
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
  • Boston Terriers
  • Shih Tzus
  • Pekingese

The cage sizes for rabbits are monitored and controlled by the government of Switzerland

There are strict rules in place set by the Swiss Federal Act on Animal Protection as to who will have rabbits as pets. For example, the law states that the daily diet of a rabbit must include straw and hay.  They are also severe rules regarding the cage size which states that the rabbit is able to sit straight as well as stretch its body fully. Also, the cage should allow for an area where it can hide. As for the cages for female rabbits, they must have separate compartments where these females can build their nest.

New Zealand has a law which forbids for a pet cat to leave the house without wearing a collar that has 3 bells on it

Animal Laws Every Country Should Adopt Right Away


The small settlement of Longburn located in New Zealand has a law that states that the pet cats can only leave the hoes with their owners if they are worn a collar which has 3 bells. This law exists in order to prevent any cat accidents on roads as well as to warn the birds about the appearance of their predator.

Aquariums for Goldfishes are banned in Rome

Animal Laws Every Country Should Adopt Right Away


Rome, the capital of Italy has placed a strict rule where there is a prohibition for keeping nay goldfishes in spherical shaped aquariums. According to the defenders of animal rights, these fishes do not receive the right level of oxygen in such spherical aquariums. Sometimes this even leads to these goldfishes getting blind.

The strict law in Austria forbids keeping the chickens in cages

Animal Laws Every Country Should Adopt Right Away


One of the strictest laws related to the protection of animals was adopted by Austrian governed back in 2004. The law prohibits people from placing the chickens in little cages or trying the cattle with ropes. The country also has laws forbidding the populace from keeping dogs and cats in glass windows on the pet shops. Pet accessories like the chains and the feces that give electric shocks are also highly forbidden.

Violation of any above-sated animal rule leads to a fine as low as 2000 dollars to as high as 15000 dollars.

There is a massive fine in France for owners who leave their pet dogs in cars on a sunny day

Animal Laws Every Country Should Adopt Right Away


Hot weather tends to raise the temperature of the car very quickly and if a pet animal is left inside the car, its life can be in danger by overheating.  This is why the government of France made sure that this never happens. In order to end this abuse from pet owners, France placed the law that whoever locks their pet dog in a car on a sunny day; they will be fined for a sum of 750 Euros.

If any passing person breaks the said car window, they will not be held accountable for any damages incurred by the car owner.

Norway placed the humane law that forbids sterilization of cats

Animal Laws Every Country Should Adopt Right Away


Sterilization has been deemed as an inhuman procedure for many years. While in Norway, a cat owner can neuter their male pet cat they cannot spay the female cat.

Also, there is a rule for not holding a cat by its neck’s scruff and special laws are in place to prevent any activity of obtaining animal furs.

Circuses in Bolivia are forbidden from using Doves

Animal Laws Every Country Should Adopt Right Away


Circuses in Bolivia have been banned from the use of doves or other such domestic animals. Even trained dogs have been banned from taking part in circuses. If they are used, circus owners are fined with heavy sums along with the confiscation of the animals.

Every pet in Sweden is entitled to appropriate medical treatment and care

Animal Laws Every Country Should Adopt Right Away


Sweden adopted one of the amazing laws back in 1988 which are still in full swing to this date. The law states that every pet or another animal must undergo a full medical exam and shall receive the needed vaccinations to avoid all types of ailments and diseases. Also, pets have been given right to have their own personal space in a house along with a nutritious diet.

Polish law bans owners from putting a leash on dogs for more than 12 hours

Animal Laws Every Country Should Adopt Right Away

Poland has also placed laws to prevent animal abuse, especially against dogs. As per their legislation, for a dog owner, it is highly forbidden to put their dog on a leash for more than 12 hours.  The reason is that above this time limit, the dog can suffer health problems and is also deemed as animal abuse.

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