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These Animals Are Masters of Surprise

Having a pet does not mean that you are going to go on long walks, have to listen to their sweet purrs or see them begging for treats in adorable ways. It is also sometimes about some sudden cuddles, a few high fives and unusual sleeping position and much more.

Animals have been able to adopt the behavior of their human owners to some extent. Their behaviors are so surprising that even the most experienced pet owners are left scratching their heads with what their 4 legged friends can do. Fortunately, we live in an age of technology where everyone has a mobile phone that can record and capture these amazing surprising moments whenever they happen.

Some of the people in our article were able to grab their phone as soon as they saw their pets doing these amazing things. This is why we were able to compile this list today which proves that animals are never boring.

So scroll down to look at these animals who are masters of surprise.

When even your cat has a girlfriend


Caught red-handed

Caught red-handed

Face swap done right


Little cowboy


My aunt’s cat doing a big stretch


Sometimes their sleeping positions are really weird

sleeping positions

They won’t leave you alone




So comfy


Dogs also know what comfort is.


A genius of disguise


My guinea pig tasted a lemon today


Family love

Family love

Vacuuming at an animal shelter

animal shelter

When you let them choose their own stick for fetch


Our dog’s paw looks like a mini-version of him


My coworker’s dog won’t stop staring at me


I’m being watched…

High 5!

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