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Husky Gets Stuck On Coconut Tree, The Internet Decides To Help…

How unusual it would be for an arctic dog to get stuck on a tropical coconut tree. Well as it runs out it actually happened. What happened next was even more hilarious. As soon as the internet got its hands on this pictures, people form all across the world decided to make it into something more unusual and hilarious that it actually was; all that with help of little Photoshop.

From swinging like Miley Cyrus on a Wrecking ball to be flying on Harry Potter’s broom; people had made this Husky do everything. Scroll down to look at these amazing Husky photoshopped pictures.

The original picture of Husky stuck on top of a coconut tree

coconut tree

I came in like a wrecking ball

wrecking ball

Having Lunch Atop Rockefeller Plaza Construction


Epic doggy dodging skills

dodging skills

That’s Not How It Works, That’s Not How Any Of This Works!


Badass Husky

Badass Husky

Who Let The Dogs Out?


Harry Pupper or Puppy Potter? You Chose


Bad to the Bone

Bad to the Bone

Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing

Taking Dog Tricks to the Next Level


Fast and Furryous

Fast and Furryous



All Hail King Julien

Hail King Julien

Natural Habitat

Natural Habitat

It’s a Trap


Sometimes, You Need A Friend.


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