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Low priced pets to keep you company this summer

Its summer time and you are now looking for a company in form of an animal. However you are not in mood for a dog then d not worry there are many other different options to choose from. All of these options are not only easy to take care of but are also cheap on pocket in terms of expenses. These pets will not affect your overall house budget and also take up short time due to their low maintenance.

Sea Monkey:-

Sea Monkeys are the world’s first instant pets. Sea Monkey is only a brand name; however their appearance is a type of brine shrimp. They are sold in form of novelty kits and are mostly for children. They are not only low priced but low maintenance as well. Just tear a packet containing salt, conditioner and shrimp eggs and pour it in water. After few days little crustaceans are going to hatch. They only need water replacement after few days and regular growth feed that comes with the kit.

Sea Monkey

Venus Fly Trap:-

Venus Fly Trap has been listed as a pet because it hunts and eats other animals. They have a special mechanism for their flowers that rapidly close down as soon as an unlucky insect gets trapped inside there lobes. They are in expensive if purchased at very young age. They only need consistent sunlight and special sol for growth which cost only 6 dollars a gallon. You don’t have o feed them as they can attract insects by themselves.

Venus Fly Trap

Praying mantis:-

Praying Mantis is a popular choice for people who do not want to have an emotional connection with a pet. Praying Mantis being an insect is devoid of any development of emotional feelings. However praying mantis is still cool to keep as a pet and it is utterly entertaining to watch them eat. Their only extra cost after buying one is food as they eat live insects that can cost 100 dollars annually.

Praying mantis


Scorpions have two sharp pincers and a venomous stinger. They are to be kept in a terrarium with intention of only looking and not touching. There terrarium along with heating pad only costs about 50 dollars. Scorpions also like to eat live insects especially crickets. Your cost on these crickets can total up to 75 dollars annually.


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