Animals Who Are Definitely Wondering “How Did I Get Here?”

Animals might seem like simple creatures but they do have their moments as well. They do silliest of the things without thinking about the consequences. Sometimes these animals are trapped in a series of situation that even make hem wonder themselves, “How did I get Here”.

Below are few of the funniest pictures of the loving animals who got themselves in situation that make us question as if they did it on purpose or just plain coincidence.

Trying the hammock. After a while; stuck in hammock

This does not even make sense

Save me already or they’ll suck me dry

The king of all dogs with his Shoe Crown

Dog who entered at his own risk

Well done, little guy!

Now how do I get down!

Shangri-La for this duck couple

He thought he was dining fancy tonight

Astronaut Dog

Pug that hates getting its nails clipped is resigned to its fate

I guess I’m a towel now

Kitty in Paradise

Older dog accepted his fate as a stool

Stuck in his happy place

Starbucks new special; a cup of curtness

Well I guess I am spending rest of my life stuck in this drain now

Don’t ask how. I am plant now

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