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Hilarious Animals Being Perfect Jerks

If you thought that being spiteful is a human-only thing, you couldn’t be more wrong!Animals can be unexplainably catty at times, and there’s no question that watching them annoying each other can be extraordinarily funny.

following are some of the pictures of animals being incredibly jerks, both with humans and other fellow animals, we are sure you will laugh out loud at some of them.

The cat that only looked guilty for one second



This cat was busy tearing the curtain of its owner and when the owner caught it, it only looked guilty for just one second and then it continued with its dirty deed.

Cat ruining the 15th century old Manuscript



Today we find the animals doing all sorts of jerk things and we can even catch them in act on camera. However this does not mean that in old times animals were gentle creatures. Take this cat for an example who tough it would be a good idea to leave its imprint on history by ruining its owner’s 15th century old manuscript.

Dog drowning its owner for the raft



In the summer one only wants to relax while laying on their plastic raft and swimming around in the pool. Animals of toady have also taken after their owners. This dog was also feeling the heat of the summer and seeing his master enjoying his time on raft he decided to push him over and relax too.

Certificate of obedience



Seeing what he has done with this certificate it is hard to imagine that he was once given this certificate.

Take that!



Cats are very vindictive creatures and especially when it comes to their own belongings. The cat in the above picture was really not happy about the fact that other cat was eating from his bowl so he deiced to give him a proper lesson.

Raccoon Envy



This raccoon seems seriously jealous of this girl’s beautiful golden hairs. Our verdict, she is probably going to need a wig after this attack.

Rude Dog



Most of the time, dogs are very adorable but they can be real jerks sometimes. Take this dog for example, he need somewhere to sit by comfortably. When nothing seemed suitable, he took this cat as his new cushion.

Monkey giving the bird



This monkey clearly seemed tired of all the humans taking pictures of him so he decided to flick them off by giving the bird. However that was clearly a jerk move.

The Chocolate Cockatoo



This cockatoo clearly loves his chocolate and he does not give a damn about anyone else at this wedding.

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