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Bobo, a Western Lowland Gorilla meets a Bush Baby in the forest and his reaction is priceless

Ape Action Africa; a nonprofit organization founded back in 1996 dedicated to provide conservation for the endangered gorillas, chimpanzees, and monkeys of Africa. However ever since then the caregivers are still being surprised once or twice with the intelligence of these ape inhabitants.

A gorilla named Bobo saved by this organization back in 1996 made a new friend in the forest and the expressions of his are priceless.

Ape Action Africa spokeswoman told media that, “On one morning, caregivers found Bobo cradling a bush baby. The Bush Baby also showed no fear from Bobo as it moved around his body as well as spending time hopping around the grassy area before returning back to Bobo.”

Bobo is the dominant male of his group which has three females and 3 males. The younger males have tried Bobo for his position many times but never succeeded. This clearly indicates his frightening sight but with this new sudden found it has clearly exposed his soft side as well.

Bobo’s family was also interested as to what was happening. Other males and females tried to share the hoping Bush Baby but Bobo kept the Bush Baby to himself alone. After two hours of playing, Bobo returned the Bush baby to set of trees near his enclosure from where it disappeared from sight.

Ape Action Africa holds around 300 primates in its care and is amongst on of the largest conservation projects in Africa. The sanctuary mostly provides protection to animals that are either sanctuary orphans, or are victim of illegal trade and bush meat.

Following are some of the pictures as well as the video of Bobo playing with his new friend.

Bobo, a 24-year-old Western Lowland Gorilla that was rescued by Ape Action Africa in 1996



Recently, Bobo made a new friend, and their unusual relationship surprised everyone



On his morning checks, a gorilla caregiver discovered Bobo cradling a young, wild bush baby



Bush baby showed no fear of Bobo, moving around his body and spending time hopping around in an open grassy area, before choosing to return to Bobo

Bush baby


Bobo’s group-mates were curious about the bush baby and hoped that he might share it with them, but Bobo kept the bush baby to himself



They spent at least two hours together before Bobo returned his new friend to a set of trees within his enclosure, and the bush baby disappeared from view



here’s the video

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