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Animals Whose looks Smash Ordinary in the Face

This world is full of myriad o mysteries and animals are only a part of these enigmas. These animals have never ceased to amaze the humans with their unique looks and special behaviors. Some might be adorable and cute looking but at the same time are vicious predators. Some of them look like fairy tale creatures while some are able to make a face that makes even humans confuse to think them of an evolutionary relative.

Some of the animals on our list today might seem real while some might seem like they are photoshopped. However, we assure you that each of them is as real as the sun.

So scroll down to look at these animals whose looks smash ordinary in the face.

Sphynx cats look like they suspect you of something

Sphynx cat

Meet Atchoum, the Persian with hypertrichosis. He is the internet’s favorite cat

Meet Atchoum

To Indonesians, these proboscis monkeys resembled the Dutch colonizers who also had large noses

proboscis monkey

This amazing looking white turkey


This Celestial Eye goldfish looks like it’s constantly amazed by something

Celestial Eye goldfish

Adorable tarsiers can rotate their head about 180 degrees to silently find their prey


Is it a bunny? Or is it a guinea pig? Neither, it’s a Patagonian Mara


Adorable alpacas love people and make great pets


The Basilisk lizard is named after the famous mythological creature

Basilisk lizard

The bush viper’s scales make him look like a tiny dragon


Meet the real master of disguise — Leaf Tailed Gecko!


Pink dolphins look like they came from a fairy-tale

Pink dolphin

Glass frogs have transparent bodies!

Glass fro

Living seaweed? Oh wait, it’s a Leafy Sea Dragon


If not groomed, the Komondor looks like a fluffy rug

fluffy rug

This harmless and cute looking shrew is actually venomous


If you mix a hedgehog, a badger, and shrew you will get the lowland streaked tenrec


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