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Animals That Have Figured Out Their Own Life Hacks

Although we may not have flying cars or Mars colonies yet, we definitely have some wild technology to help us with everyday stuff. Like us, our animal buddies have figured out ways to make their lives just a little easier. From cleaning to sleeping, here are few animals who can do things just a little better than us.

Rhinos cleaning hack 



In the African savanna, rhinos become hosts for a lot of ticks, which cause problems with their sensitive skin. This is where the Oxpeckers come in. These birds will perch on the rhinos’ backs and eat all the ticks as part of the birds’ blood-based diet. Oxpeckers also act as useful safety tools or alarm systems. Rhinos are shortsighted and often cannot see when predators are drawing near. However, the birds have a good view from a rhino’s back and emit a distress call.

Crocodile diving hack 

Crocodile Blank


Humans rely on submarines or scuba gear to get us to the depths of the ocean, crocodiles have figured out a much simpler way to do it. When these bad boys need to get to the ocean floor to catch dinner, they simply eat a few stones. By swallowing big stones and rocks, they can increase their body weight and sink down to snag much bigger meals. This helps them with their deep-sea diving, their swimming abilities, and their digestion problems.

Chiton’s sharpest teeth 

Chiton Chiton teeth


There is one animal in particular that beats our modern dental industry. The Chiton, a marine mollusk that lives in the Gulf of Mexico, has the ability to grow the hardest teeth in the world. These teeth are made out of magnetite, the hardest material produced by any organism. Scientists believe that humans will eventually be able to harness the power of the proteins that form the chitons’ teeth to “synthesize tough materials in labs.”

Stick Insect asexual reproduction 

Stick Insect


Female stick insects are able to give birth through parthenogenesis, a method of procreation that doesn’t involve a mate. It is sometimes referred to as a “virgin birth.” Some scientists have reproduced this phenomenon in their own labs in hopes of applying this knowledge to human reproduction.

Female stick insects are so opposed to getting in the sack that they have developed an anti-aphrodisiac chemical which they can spray at any randy male to diminish the temptation.

Salmon navigation skills 



Salmon fish are born with the ability to sense variations in the Earth’s magnetic field. This skill allows them to navigate from fresh water to salt water so that they can eat and reproduce. Salmon are born in fresh water, travel to salt water, and then return to the stream where they were born to give birth. Other than their sense of magnetism, salmon use their sense of smell to navigate. The fish can recognize the smell of their birth stream, which helps them to find their way back home.

Plumed Basilisk lizard walking on water

Basilisk lizard lizard


Plumed basilisk has mastered the art of “walk on water”. Nicknamed the Jesus Christ lizard, this critter can use its little toes to cross bodies of water. The toes on their rear feet have skin-like scales. These expand when hitting liquid to increase the surface area of each foot that contacts the water. By quickly moving their toes, the lizards can create air pockets on the surface of the water that keep them from sinking.

Dolphin sleeping with one eye open



These marine mammals can stay awake for 15 days at a time by sleeping with half of their brain.

Known as unihemispheric sleep, this phenomenon allows the dolphins to rest while staying alert to the never-ending risk of shark attacks. This trick also keeps dolphins from drowning. A full brain sleep in the ocean would put them in danger of dying because their breathing is a conscious function.

By keeping half of its brain asleep, a dolphin can rest but still go to the surface for air when needed.

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