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Animal Feet You Have To See To Believe

From the blue-footed booby’s undeniably vibrant pedicure to the terrifying, horror villain-esque toes of an aye-aye, these animals have been stomping around with the weirdest feet on the planet. Some animal feet replicate humans’ just a little too closely for comfort (we’re looking at you, unsettling gorilla toes) while others are just bizarrely oversized.

Though animals’ colorful array of absolutely ludicrous feet may seem random, every foot serves an important evolutionary function. Just like strange animal mouths help our furry friends chomp, weird feet help them climb, balance, and run. Sloths have giant claws that allow them to hang from trees, and flying lemurs have toes equipped with suction cups that help them navigate any surface. In any case, it’s no small feat to live with such outlandish feet.

Aye-Ayes Basically Have Spiders Attached To Their Legs

Moles Have Gnarly Claws to Help Them Dig

Ostrich have feet like velociraptors

American Coots’ Feet Look like Awkwardly Large Basketball Sneakers

The African Jacana Looks like It Borrowed Its Feet from a Much Larger Bird

Some Caterpillars Have Hair for Fingers

Flying Lemurs’ Toes Work like Suction Cups

Geckos Have Five Toes, Just Like Us

Tarsiers Have the Boniest Toes

Sloth Feet Are Kind Of Like Clothes Hangers

Armadillos Could Definitely Use a Pedicure

The Blue-Footed Booby Is Known For, Well, Its Blue Feet

Giant Tortoises Could Probably Use Some Foot Moisturizer

Collared Lizards’ Feet Are Almost Incomprehensible

Raccoon Feet Look A Little Too Humanlike

The Golden-Handed Tamarin Is Named Pretty Aptly

Seal Flippers Are Made For Walking (And Swimming), and that’s Just what they’ll Do

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