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A Wild Squirrel Made A Nest For Her Baby In Her Rescuer’s Drawer And It’s Adorable

A woman named Simone Serfontein found a baby squirrel whom she found after it fell from a tree back in October of 2016 with the mother of the squirrel nowhere to be found. She told media, “when we found her, she was only as big as a pinky with still no fur. She was about 5 to 6 days old when we picked her from the ground. She was screaming for her mom as she was ice cold. However, her mother never came for her.”

baby squirrel

Simone knew that the squirrel won’t be able to survive in the cold wild alone so he decided to raise it as her own. She named the squirrel as ‘Dingetji”.


Simone, however, admits that raising a squirrel is no easy task. She said, “For the first few weeks, I had to feed her every one hour and at night had to wake u multiple times to help with her bathroom problem.” For the next three months, she even brought her new friend to work and let her sleep close to her body.


Simone told media, “I got her a small shoebox and placed some blankets inside but she would not sleep in it. She only slept close to me and still sleeps next to me in bed. We always took her traveling with us and she would enjoy it. She would get out of her traveling

cage and would climb up on our shoulders to enjoy the road trip.

Simone knew that she would one day have to release her to the wild. When the time came, Dingetji decided that she won’t say goodbye to her rescuer. After spending a few days outside she came back to the house. Simone says that now it has become a routine, she spends few days outside and comes back home. She normally comes back in the evening.


After Dingetji got pregnant she decided to make a nest for her and her baby in Simone’s house.


Instead of choosing a tree, she picked out a drawer and made a nest out of toilet paper.

However, her first pregnancy was complicated she fell asleep and gave birth to a baby. The whole process took one hour and it came out tail first. Simone knew that the baby was not alive but they were still hopeful however the baby was stillborn.


Things got a lot better at her seconded pregnancy. Simone told media, “We noticed that she was quite fat and was bigger than other normal female squirrels. After a few weeks, I could see the baby moving in her tummy.”


She gave birth to her baby in April of 2018 and Simone named the bay as “Tinkie”. This time Simone’s cupboard was her nest. Sadly baby also passed away after few months. She then again gave birth to a baby in September named “Mistie” and this baby is still alive and healthy. Simone is raising this baby as Dingetji is not able to produce any milk.

Here are some for the cute photos of her babies.



cute baby


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