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A Bus Driver Finds 2 Dogs Lost On A Roadside And Then Helps Them reunite With Their Owners Right Before The Holidays

A family living in Milwaukee experienced the Chromes miracle all because of one caring bus driver who made the decision of helping the 2 dogs that were unattended along a roadside. Back on December 18th, the family in Milwaukee lost their 2 family pet dogs after they somehow escaped from the yard then eventually wandered off. The family then spent the entire night looking for the lost dogs and was silently wishing for their safe return home.

A bus driver is being praised for stopping to check on 2 unattended dogs that were running along the road.


On that very same day of December 18th, a bus driver named Jamie Grabowski had just finished doing her route and was driving back to the garage of the Milwaukee County Transit System when she saw 2 dogs running along the street.


The temperatures had plummeted well below 20 degrees and Grabowski thought that she could not leave these 2 dogs shivering outside in the cold alone. Making her mind, she invited both the dogs inside her bus.


In the video that has been shared over YouTube by the MCTS, Grabowski says to the dogs, “Hey, you two. You 2 need to go home right now. C’mon, c’mon inside.”


The dogs seemed really friendly to Grabowski as they jumped up inside the bus and started wagging their tails. The woman then called the police who then sent to her a police officer for helping out these 2 lonely dogs.

Grabowski can be heard in the video telling the dispatch officer, “I got them inside the bus because I thought that they were going to get hit.”


After that, both these dogs were sent to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission and afterward were reunited with their owners who had been worried sick about them.


MCTS then organized a press conference where the dogs were able to meet up with Grabowski and Grabowski with the dogs and their owners.

This is the video of the surveillance camera on the bus that was shared by the MCTS.

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