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Rescued Pitbulls Stopped An Attempted Robbery To Save Their Owner’s Life

Meet these 2 Pitbulls named Ladybug and Ellabelle, for whom this life has not always been very kind. Early in their lives, both of these dogs were neglected and unwanted by everyone. That was until they got adopted by their new owner named Robert McGowan from a local shelter. He saw the sweetness in these 2 Pitbulls that others could not.

McGowan said to media, “They are both very timid and docile.  They are not like other Pitbulls who are normally aggressive.”

These dogs return the favor to their new owner and also their savior. Recently these 2 Pitbulls repaid the kindness in the most heroic way.


Robert McGowan

On one weekend, McGowan was sitting beside his car in his home’s garage when something really alarming took place. 4 strangers came out of nowhere and started to attack him.

McGowan said, “One of them punched me right in my eye. I was instantly knocked off my chair.”

These attackers then demanded from McGowan to hand over his keys to the car. While dazed by his injury, he told these assailants that the keys were inside the house.

But what these robbers did not know was that so was the backup of McGowan was inside the house.


Robert McGowan

When one of them opened the door to the house, they were greeted by Ladybug and Ellabelle.

McGowan said, “They chased these attackers out of the house. They ran into the garage and stood by my side. They were standing there and barking at the robbers and made it clear that nobody will be hurting me anymore. Seeing the dogs, all 4 of the attackers ran away.”


Robert McGowan

McGowan suffered from a black eye during this attack but his dogs prevented any further injuries ad also nothing got stolen. Both of these pit bulls were rewarded handsomely by McGowan for their heroic day-saving.

McGowan said, “They got lots of treats and toys. They got all the good stuff.”


Robert McGowan

Although McGowan loved these 2 Pitbulls before their heroism, the love has certainly increased by many folds. He hopes that his story will open up the minds of people for more shelter dogs to be adopted.

McGowan writes, “They are rescues. Unwanted dogs. They saved my life. Please consider adopting a rescued dog.  They might one day save your life too.”

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