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Pets Who Have One Mission; “To Make Our Day Brighter”

Animals might not have the ability to speak. But their eyes, faces, and gestures do the talking for them. They are masters of displaying expressions be it their tail wagging in joy or giving those sad eyes if they feel sad. Animals are quite intelligent than what we give them credit for. They are able to adapt to their surroundings as well as to the behavior of their owners.

However, the indication to most of their actions only means one thing and that is “They Love US Dearly”. While that may be true, sometimes their expressions are so hilarious that they will have you go LMAO.

Today we have made a list of such cheerful animals who can help brighten up any of your gloomy day in a jiffy.

So scroll down to look at these pets who have one mission; “to make our day brighter”.

Let’s play hide and seek


When baa-e comes home after a long time


It’s selfie time. Let’s get that pout right!

selfie time

My tongue is longer than your tongue. Period


Someone’s having a good hair day


Me @ 10am vs Me @ 10pm


A Sneezing Dog; That got me in splits. Ok. Next

Sneezing Dog

Ooh! Was that the pizza delivery guy?

pizza delivery guy

A bad hair day, but who cares? YOLO!


Miley Cyrus got inspired by moooo…

Miley Cyrus

Whatcha lookin’ at, doggie?


Whoever can do this gets to sleep on the bed today


Piggyback ride, Daddy!


Because music is life

music is life

Don’t I look cute? You bet!


Did someone say free cake?

free cake

When parents tell you to look for the airplane


I mean business


I will be your Ken


Asking mom for that night out with friends… “Please, Mom!”

night out

Fancy dress… I will become Guinea Gaga

Guinea Gaga

Look beyond what you see

look beyond

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