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These animals are so cute that we can’t handle their cuteness

The world is certainly full of animals that are wonderful and pure yet at the same time so helpless. They look at us with their eyes brimming with a yearning for love and care. We are not ashamed to admit that this is one of our weaknesses and we don’t mind having it.

Today we have found a list of adorable and cute animals that will make our heart melt in awe.

So scroll down to look at these animals that are so cute that we can’t handle their cuteness.

Bunnies also need to take a bath to stay clean


This fluffy bunny is so small that it could fit in a pocket

fluffy bunny

You will have a hard time to look into these eyes and remain indifferent


Just a traveling hedgehog in socks


Puppy yawns are the cutest


It might look like a cartoon fluff but this is real


Waiting for new munchies


This is what true innocence looks like


Smile! It’s going to be a good day


So cute, so little, so…. short


In case you’re wondering, this is not a toy


This marmoset hugging his blanky is probably the most adorable thing you are going to see today.


I eat a lot in the mornings


Despite the fact that he’s about to spit in your face, he’s still adorable


With these cheeks, he’s gonna get all the discounts in the world


Happiest alpaca you will ever see


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Adorable photos of animals that are better than any Antidepressant

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