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Cute Pictures of Big Cats that prove they are Like House Cats

Who among us cat lovers can’t relate to the glee of seeing a big cat in an animal rescue or zoo acting just like one of our fur babies at home? If you too can relate to the thought of snugging a big fuzzy lion feeling like both the best and worst idea ever, all at the same time, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve pulled together a collection of cute pictures of big cats acting like house cats that will send you soaring into cuteness overload in no time.

Here you’ll find a collection of photos of big cats being cute as they demonstrate all the things that they and the average house cat have in common. You’ll see proof that these adorable big cats share many of the same common loves as their smaller cousins, such as cat nip, boxes, and a passion for squeezing into impossibly small spaces. On the other hand, there are also a few things that do not appear to resonate well throughout the entire universe of kitty kind, such as a vet trips or any situation in which the feline in the room is not the center of attention.

So the next time you come home bummed at your inability to snuggle up with the cute little mountain lion you saw on the Discovery channel, remember this list. We’ve got you covered with these adorable, yet bite-free, photos of cute big cats doing everything from giving scratchy-tongued kisses to destroying Christmas trees, toilet paper, and any chance of you leaving not having a smile on your face.

all cats abide by the “If I fits, I sits” rule

They’re Proud of the Fact That They’re Self-Cleaning

They pose for unbearably cute pictures

They Too Are Masters of “Please Eyes”

Your Toilet Paper Will Never Be Safe Again

A Sun Bathing Big Kitty Is a Happy Big Kitty

They love belly rubs!

They hate being trapped in a room and will try to find a way out.

They will eat your food because they love you, not respect you.

They climb up into places and have no idea how to get down

They will sprawl out anywhere to sleep, dignity be damned.

They also love to cuddle

They do bunny paws

They like to annoy their moms (and they look so cute doing it!)

They sleep a lot, and often in the cutest positions

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