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Animal facts that will make you go ‘Awww’

There is a study from University of Columbia which states that, “animal’s experience same emotions as us humans do when seeing each other”. They also think of other creatures to be both cute and dangerous when they come across one.

Animals in behavior are very close to us humans in so many ways but we are just not aware of them.

Today for our readers we have gathered a list of fun animals facts that will make you go ‘Awww’ after reading them. Some of them are just too cute.

Scroll down to read for yourself some of these amazing animal facts about their multiple behaviors to different situations they face in the wild.

Sea Otters; hold hands of echo her while sleeping so they might not get drifted apart by water currents

Sea Otters

Otters; to help bring out compassion in the attacking predator they often show their babies to said predator


Squirrels; because of their forgetful nature where they hide their acorns, they actually help in planting thousands of tree every year


Dolphins; studies prove that they have their own language and they even have names to their friends for calling them out


Puffins; they are living embodiment of “Happily ever After’ after finding their potential mate they build a nest on a cliff and spend their lives with each other alone


Sea Horses; once they find a partner they are to remain with each other till the end of their lives

Sea Horses

Puppies; Male puppies are flirtiest by nature, when playing they let females win to get to know them better


Quokka; they have been named officially the world’s happiest animals


Penguins; they are a romantic when it comes to finding a partner, what’s more interesting after they find the right mate they find the perfect pebble to present as a proposal gift


Chicks; they can communicate with each other when still inside eggs via special sound systems


Elephants; baby elephants suck on their trunks for comfort; it’s the same as human sucking on a thumb


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