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A Man Buries Himself In Snow To Film A Rescue Dog From His Perspective And It’s Cute

The famed American actor Will Rogers once explained his connection to the tender selfless animals we call dogs in these words, “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went”.

It is certainly not difficult to relate to this, as dogs are not only cute and adorable, they also happen to become best friends and a loyal companion of any human being. Their utmost loyalty compels them to become the most vigilant protectors of their owners. They will do each and everything in their power even lay out their lives to keep their owner safe from harm’s way.

“Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England” is a charitable organization that offers the training for rescue dogs in order to assist those people who are in trouble in the wild. Recently the “Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England” uploaded a video on their social media page which shows the truth that dogs will do anything to save us. Scroll down to see the whole story yourself.

While it is really frightening to get lost in the wilderness, there is a volunteer-based organization that offers their help for such people.

dog 1


Among many of their training for rescuing, dogs are also trained by the organization for finding people buried in snow.

dog 2


During one such training exercise, a trainer and a volunteer at the organization hid under snow while having himself armed with a camera.



It was not long before the snoot of hope removed the heaps of snow.

snow water


Doing her best, the rescue dog did her all to remove the wall of snow while using all the energy of her body.

dog 3


This training drill now affirms that when a real situation of such circumstances will occur

dog 4


She will be ready to provide the necessary help.

dog 5


The name of this certain rescue dog is Flo. She is a 4 years old rescue dog who in addition to her rescuing ability has the ability to melt the hearts of many people.

dog 6


Check out this heartwarming video down below.


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