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Cutest Pet halloween Costumes

Pets wearing costumes is the best thing about Halloween. Sure, there are some fun parties or whatever, but the true star of the season is seeing furry friends trotted out around town in ridiculous outfits. Below, we’ve collected some adorable photos of the best pet costumes we’ve seen online.

So scroll down to look for yourself at some of these Cutest Pet Halloween costumes. You can also take an idea to dress up your pet as well. It’s free you know.

Pup in Smoke


Pizza delivery doggo


Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion


An Eevee Pokemon


Twins from ‘The Shining’


Witchy Pup

Witchy Pup

Sk8r Cat


Literal Dodger Dog


Holy Hound


An aspiring Simba


Pirate Kitty


Hungarian puli pup as a ‘Mop’ for Halloween costume


Cerberus; the Guardian Dog


Skeleton Horse

Skeleton Horse

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s the Super Husky

Super Husky

Indiana Bones

Indiana Bones

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