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Hilarious Photos Of Irish Wolfhounds, And It’s Crazy How Large They Are

Irish Wolfhounds did not get their name because of their massive body but due to their ability to hunt the wolves. This dog breed is even mentioned in the Irish law which predates Christianity. There is also their mention in the Irish literature from as far as the 5th century.

Well whatever may be the myth about them, these dogs are really one of the most adorable and delightful of the dog breeds in the world. They are also insanely big. According to the World Canine Federation standards, the average height of an Irish Wolfhound is to reach 32 inches in its lifetime.

While some might be frightened by their huge appearance, these dogs are actually quite friendly and to show that we have compiled a list of few of their funniest photos.

So scroll down to look for yourself at these hilarious photos of Irish Wolfhounds, and it’s crazy how large they are.

The anti-burglar system

anti-burglar system

Owner and her dog dressed like Wayne’s world characters for Halloween


This dog’s facial expressions when the owner didn’t turn towards the dog park

dog park

A grandma and her Irish Wolfhound from 1974

Irish Wolfhound

A Whippet puppy sitting with his friend, an Irish Wolfhound puppy


Dachshunds on each side for balance


Copycats! No, they are not, they are Copydogs!!


The tallest and the adorable Boi


What a gorgeous trio right here

gorgeous trio

This Irish Wolfhound fell apart. The owner put the pieces in this chair


What a big mouth you have

big mouth

Irish Wolfhounds love peanut butter

peanut butter

They are as big as a donkey


The Irish Wolfhound = a perfect bed buddy

bed buddy

3lb kitten’s favorite place to nap is in between her two 180lb Irish Wolfhound brothers

Wolfhound brothers

Smallest horse in Britain with Fergus the Irish Wolfhound

Smallest horse

When a chair at the vet is too small for you


I think if we stare really hard and don’t move they will let us back in


Why do even bother with bowls when there are two sinks in the house


This is 6′ 1” man standing with a 2-year-old Irish Wolfhound, Conagon


Hugeboye is a heckin big woofer


Three wolves worked together to kick the owner out of his seat


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