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Adorable reasons as to why one day Shiba Inu dogs might conquer the world

In 2013 the internet exploded with the “Doge” meme since then Shiba Inus became one of the most loved dogs of the web. This breed that originates in Japan was first used for hunting. Now Shiba Inus mostly hunt for likes, and they do it so well.

We seriously think that these little fellas have every chance to conquer the world and here are some reasons why.

So scroll down to look at our Adorable reasons as to one day why Shiba Inu dogs might conquer the world.

Their ability to camouflage is awesomely cute


They are the cheekiest creatures on the planet; see for yourself

cheekiest creature

Their balance is impeccable


They need minimal space to get comfy.

minimal space

They are the champions of Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek

They are true optimists even in the stickiest situations


They are kings of concentration


Persistence is their another greatest trait


They know how to cheer us up


They can one day take the modeling world by storm


They are secretly the Overlords of humans


They love to express themselves through art


They take pride in their perfection


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