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Dog stealing fireworks

Fireworks are the most primitive sort of entertainment since the discovery of gunpowder from ancient Chinese times. There is something mesmerizing about the fireworks going up in the air and blasting with a huge bang and spreading those colorful patterns up in the sky. Of course, there are other forms of fireworks that are much easier and safer to use like the firing cone which just erupts into a plethora of shining colors that are not harmful.

Humans are not the only one who seems to be mesmerized by these colorful fireworks. Animal and most epically dogs also seem to have a thing for fireworks.

Dog stealing fireworks

In our today’s video, we are going to show you one such dog who is intrigued by the colorful firework and can’t seem to control his urge to eat them. We think in his eyes those fireworks seem like a fountain of colorful candies. That’s why he tried to steal and ran away with it.

Watch the video down below.

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