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People Rescued A Litter Of Pit Bulls, And One Of Them Has ‘Cinnamon Roll’ Ears

In this world, there are numerous sad and heartbreaking stories when animals are left alone without any food or a proper home. No matter how hard the animal shelters and organizations do to stop this unkind behavior, some people still manage to abandon all kinds of adorable animals that can be a great addition to someone else’s family.

While these abandon animal stories might make you question the behavior of humankind there are still some kind people who will restore back your faith in humanity as they try their best to help the poor animals that desperately require our love and care.

An organization named “Pet Sitters” recently found and rescued about ten abandoned puppies.

These adorable puppies needed immediate treatment as they were not only dirty but were also infected with worms.

However, out of all these puppies, one stood out above all. The organization named her as Cinnamon. Due to an unknown reason, Cinnamon has adorably shaped ear that reminds most people of Cinnamon Rolls.

Cinnamon and her brothers and sisters who were only 5 weeks old, needed immediate treatment.

After the center shared the adorable pictures of Cinnamon, many people wanted to adopt her. Luckily, she has now been adopted by a loving and caring family that already owns three adorable puppies.

Now Cinnamon is 8 weeks old and is living with a loving family. Her sad neglecting days are far behind her with her new owners.

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