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Motorcyclist Sees An Injured Bald Eagle Stuck On Road On Memorial Day Weekend And Saves Him

For a man named Dandon Miller, his favorite piece of clothing is to wear a piece of red and black colored flannel. He has been in possession of this shirt for the last 8 years and wore this shirt everywhere. Still, he never thought that one day this shirt would help him to save someone’s life.

Earlier on the Saturday of the Memorial Day Weekend, Miller was driving on his motorcycle on his way back to home in Philadelphia when suddenly the traffic in front of him stopped. Miller got off on to the side of the road to check out what was happening and he was shocked to see the cause of the traffic jam.

Miller said to media, “I looked down to see why everyone was topping on the highway and there it was; a bald eagle lying in the middle of the road. One other person was there who nudged the eagle to see if she can fly or walk off the road. She did open her wings but it was clear that she was not going anywhere.”

Miller knew that the eagle was hurt and he needs to do something to help her.

Despite the large eagle ebbing too hurt to fly on her own, she had strong and powerful talons which prompted Miller to first throw his favorite red and black shirt over the eagle. It was when Miller was surprised to see that the eagle was completely clam being wrapped in the shirt.

Miller said, “I picked her up and she remained totally calm. When people started to take her pictures, she did get a little agitated but was still under control.”

After the eagle was removed from the road, Miller called 911 who got in touch with a local rehabilitation centre for wild birds. It was not after 45 minutes of Miller holding the 15-pound bird in his arms that the Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research personnel came.

Miller said, “It was amazing to hold such an amazing bird in my hand and for it to be totally calm. It was simply amazing.”

After few days of being in rehabilitation, the rescue organization is confident that the eagle will be released into the wild.

As for the favorite shirt of Miller, it certainly won’t see any more good days than this. The shirt now has large talon holes but Miller is happy that it was for good cause.

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