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active 5 days, 6 hours ago

Tiny Dwarf Rabbit Falls For Girl Bunny 4x His Size

In the eyes of Covelli family, a house is not a house without a rabbit in it. However, for Lilly Sunshine, there are a lot of rabbits to go around in the house. Lilly Sunshine is the family’s 3 years old Flemish giant bunny which weighs about 16 pounds. One thing that Lilly spends most […] More

55 dogs from a South Korean meat farm were rescued and brought to US

Human Society International (HSI); an independent no profit organization conducted their investigation about the illegal trade of wildlife animals as well as about the animals being conducted in the meat farms. Their investigation led to them discovering a so-called meat farm in South Korea where 55 dogs were being kept. After knowing about this, the […] More