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active 5 days, 6 hours ago

Meet Kazou; a Blind Cat Who Sees With His Heart

Today let us introduce our readers to a cat named Kazou. Kazou is a permanently blind cat who was born with this ability. The cat became blind after he was found as a kitten and his eyes were badly damaged from the cat flu. Sadly the condition was so worse that hoi eyes could not […] More

Adorable Animals Who Will Melt Your Hearts This Winter

They say that inter is the most magical time of the year and it is also quite special for the animals. It is not quite often that our furry friends get to experience the white dust that we call snow in the world. However, when they do experience it, the reactions of theirs to the […] More

These Photos Prove That Pets Are Adorable Weirdos

If you are someone who is an owner of a pet then there must have been a time in your life when you questioned about your pet’s absurd behavior. Often, our cats and dogs decide to troll us by acting like humans or like other extraterrestrial creatures. However, no matter how they =behave, these furry […] More


Whenever a pet owner has to leave the house for a few days, they feel sorry for their four-legged pals or when they have to postpone a walk just because it is raining. Fortunately for pet owners, manufacturers have come up with great solutions and you can find them in our article today. Today we […] More