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Guy Has To Sweep Carefully Around His Lazy Dog

Well, most of us known the dogs to be energetic creatures that never seem to run pout of energy but they too have their low time. Some dogs are also known for their laziness especially if they are obese. Do you remember the doggy from the last time which was obese and too lazy to even go on a simple walk around the neighborhood? Well, this dog ain’t like the last time, in fact, he is not overweight but simply just lazy to move around.

Well, that is enough for giving you the context, now meet the dog whose owner named her after her habit of being lazy, “Lazy”.


Believe it or not, Lazy is actually the name of a 10 years old dog who happens to be a guard dog and lives with his owner named Lucho Bugallo in Argentina. Although the dog is most like the other dogs who never shy away from an opportunity to walk around at the dog park, the passion which this dog has is actually a little bit unique. What Lazy loves to do most all the time is actually “To Do Nothing”. Yeah, you heard it right, this dog only wants to lay low and relax all the time when at home.

Bugallo said, “At home, we call Lazy as our Carpet.  She feels happy to spend all of her days lying down like a carpet.”

While it can be a nuisance for a guard dog owner, Bugallo does not seem to be irritated by the inactivity of his dog. Instead, the owner seems to be more than accommodating for his dog’s peculiar habit. He even does the chores around the house in a manner that Lazy’s lazy hours do not get interrupted at all.

Here you can see Bugallo doing the sweeping around the house and Lazy lazing around. Bugallo sweeps carefully around his lazy dog.


Bugallo is more than happy to let Lazy be a lazy dog as she like this state very much. The reason is simple; a smile at the end of the day from Lazy at the end of the day makes it a worthwhile habit.


Bugallo said, “If she wants, she can spend all of her days lying down. In fact, that is how most pets behave these days and we need to make sure that they are happy.”

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