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Cops Do the Sweetest Thing As They Help a Trapped and Scared Skunk at a Skate Park

The awkward situation that this skunk found himself in was pretty unpleasant but it could have been far worse.

Last week the officers of the Sebastopol Police in California were called pout for an in a rescue mission to a local skating park. When the officer arrived at the scent hey saw a skunk that some point on last night had slipped and fallen down the slopes of the skate bowl feature. After falling he had no hopes or means to escape this awkward and unpleasant predicament.

This is the little guy after what appeared to be a stressful night for the poor skunk.

Because of a skunk’s defensive mechanism of shooting out a stink spray, it was impossible to reach him. This was a no-win scenario for everyone at the spot. However, the inventive authorities at the scene came up with an ingenious way to help the poor skunk.

With the skunk looking at his rescuers from far skeptically, his rescuers built a makeshift ladder with some pallets that they obtained from the employees of the park in their truck.

As it happens to turn out, skunk also got aware that this ladder was his ticket out of this situation.

With a little guidance from his rescuers, hr trapped skunk was able to make his way on to this makeshift ladder and easily ascended to his freedom.

Below is the footage of the moment when the poor skunk finally escaped from the skate bowl.

The last time the skunk was seen moving to a cozy place than the skate bowl with his unpleasant sulfur gland not being spent.

The police department said, “thanks to all the good work of the people involved in this situation, the whole matter was resolved without the skunk getting hurt or releasing his spray.”

The only sent that day in the air was that of a smell of success by the kind cops.

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